11.02.2014 - DONATE option added

With new flagship Prime HP Calculators are on the new market.
To my surprise OPEN FIRE and similar projects still get attention from the calculator comunity.
Also, people are asking me if i had a PayPal account so they could donate some money "to this here cause"
Since i now have the PP account, you're wellcome to donate, thanks for consideration...

-Marry Christmas everyone and a Very Happy New Year !

A couple of years has passed...
Got married in the meantime, got a beautyfull doughter named Lucija.
Although interest for OpenFire seams the same
(about 2 downloads per hour) it seams like in general not much has happened on calculator scene.
Everything (or everybody) is in sort of hybernation.
Anyway... here is a nice addon from me:
RPL Query (database library)
It can be great to store your passwords for many services we use these days.
Also you could combine RPL Query with OpenFire to organise your image gallery using database, images, keywords, descrtiptions and so on...
I belive it will be usefull since it can be used as programming library and database engine (standalone sampe) for individual use.

25.12.2009 - Christmas
-Marry Christmas everyone and a Very Happy New Year !

Another year passed, just fixing stuff, answering questions etc...
Since the whole calculator scene seams to be "sleeping" my projects are "on hold" as well!
Using my calculator (or emulator) almost every day but nothing important going on at the moment.

24.12.2008 - Christmas
-Marry Christmas everyone and a Very Happy New Year !

01.07.2008 - Lyrics 3 update
-added Error Diffusion option to Image Converter
-it preserves the shades much better
Look in PC software section
20.11.2007 - Lyrics 3 update
-fixed bugs added improovements and features
-Batch Conversion for Image Converter
(select a Folder containing your images, all supported images will be converted to selected GROB FORMAT)
Look in PC software section

19.09.2007 - KML script for PPC Emu48
-familiar look of 49G in landscape mode on your PocketPC
-includes keyboard definitions for HTC Hermes and compatibles
Check out the PC Software section !

-the other day i needed to make few calculations with some formula
-while thinking how to do it i realized i almost forgot about MXEval
-i decided to go with table interface and automated calculation
-freedom of input comparable to forms BUT MUCH easier to do
-i was done in no time (and thought... that felt good, and it WAS good)
Why don't you give it a try and see how'd you feel :-)
it works on 49G, 49G+ and 50G (not tested on 48GII)

07.02.2007 - OpenFire update to 2.9
Minor but important updates:
-added OFPPAR command (sets PPAR so you can use complex coordinates with OpenFire rather than pixel coordinates and offset)

OFVIEW2 and 4 update:
-added flag (user flag 1)
-when you use OFVIEW in a loop to view slide sequence you should check (1 FS?) so you can abort the sequence when user presses [ON] key

23.01.2007 - Update sysRPL Lyrics 3
-servicepack/update of sysRPL Lyrics to ver3
-fixed bugs added improovements and features
-added Form Designer
Look in PC software section

14.01.2007 new KML package for EMU1.42+
-very nice contribution from Jaime Fernando Meza Meza (aka JaiMeza)
-new 50G KML script, patch and faceplate for EMU48 v1.42+
-enjoy !

Look in PC software section

09.01.2007 - New Release sysRPL Lyrics 2

-since T9000 RPL writer was much more popular than i expected and much more buggy than i wanted i decided to make a decent upgrade
-it's dot.NET2 so it will serve longer and optimal on various systems
-codename T9002 Lyrics 2 is actualy a successor and upgrade of both T9000 and OF-Image Converter
-check the PC software section readme.txt included in the package and Help

30.11.2006 - MXEval udate

-added RESTACK command to MXEval library
-instead of combining stack commands to manipulate stack use stack schema and RESTACK
-more details in MXE package

24.11.2006 - OpenFire update to 2.8
-added ->4GRAY command for 2-bit GROB conversion
-cosmetically refreshed the OFVIEW titlebar
-optimised OFVIEW (smother scrolling)
-added 2-bit OFVIEW (OFVIEW2)
-renamed OFVIEW to OFVIEW4 for consistency
(all old programs using OFVIEW are working)
(check out the OPENFIRE section)

(works faster a bit nicer cards too :-)
(check out the GAMES section)

07.11.2006 MXEval V2.3
-2 letter column identifiers allowed in version 2.3
-optimised MGET and MPUT to work faster with cell sequences
-fixed issue with MSREAD (reverse order substitution)

(more information in readme.txt and history.txt)

Check the ARM/Saturn section

04.11.2006 KML script and faceplate for 50G
Look in PC software section

02.11.2006 - MXEval V2.1 update
-type checking, error checking, friendly error messages
-commands work on matrices as well as lists
-MGET, MPUT handle single cells as well as cell sequences
-MSPREAD clones cells
-MEVAL evaluates the table
-MCELL-> and ->MCELL for cell address format conversion
-relative cell addresses recognised by MSPREAD and MEVAL
-MLINK (link to external tables with internal evaluation)

-added tagged symbolic (formula) functionality
-tagged symbolic (external links) supported by MGET and MPUT

-added 3 sample files to the package

20.10.2006 - New release MXeval
Use your favorite matrix writer/editor to create a matrix excell sheet-like style.
Formulas, functions, external variables, even links to other tables or lists are supported.
Fields in those tables or lists may be a result of their own calculations (can solve formulas trough tables recursively).
Since forms give lists as a result of entry you can combine your form data in to lists and calculate results using a list of lists and MX evaluator.

14.10.2006 - Great contributions to OPENFIRE
-just found some spare time to catch up with emails (mostly questions and support) -allways nice to see that you care :-)

-looked around a bit and found 2 great contributions from/in the spanish speaking comunity.

-for all of you who may not be aware of it there is a very nice site:
of course don't forget the mother of all:

Recently i found 2 great manuals for OFVIEW (grayscale viewer) and Image converter
-it covers every step from downloading OPENFIRE package, creating/converting images all the way to viewing on HP screen.
Great manuals in text and picture, PC and HP screenshots, both very nice:

Spanish OPENFIRE manual 1
Documento ver.1.0 creado por Devyn O. Donayre Hernández
Contacto: -

Spanish OPENFIRE manual 2
por: Ronald Ausberth Adrjan Gutjerrez

(documents are on their ORIGINAL locations, if they do not work, please contact me and i will contact authors and with their permission publish them from here)

Many great engeneering (electrical, civil etc..) tools come from spanish speaking comunity. So...
This time, my RESPECT goes to all those creative hard-working members !!!

14.09.2006 - check/update (no version change)
-OPENFIRE is tested and safe to use on 50G as well as 49G+
-so i updated the header on page-flipping grayscale emulator to show 50G
-manny thanks to people from and Lilian of course :-)

-site update (usability)
OPENFIRE site will now remember your last viewed section, next time you visit OPENFIRE, last section will be displayed automatically

06.03.2006 - Keyboard production layout
-consideration of layout design of keys for production and easy assembly
-fix for issues with bending type of hinges and durability
-moving type (detached) as used on alpha and shift keys is used instead

20.02.2006 - SAND demo
-nice image-transition effect
-simple userRPL demo so developers can see the basics
-initialisation (initgs) - use of grayscale - finish (donegs)

10.02.2006 - ASCII Art
-small but interesting RETRO release
-sysRPL demo displays part-transparent splash screen
-configures the menu to show 6 nice ASCII ART drawings

25.01.2006 - NEW OpenFire 2.6
-animation player has great funcionality and flexibility, now, even more enhanced as a part of library
-animation demo is the new demo for OFPLAY

25.01.2006 - Site update
Site update:
-all dates changed to EU (european) date format
-added new sample image in openfire section

24.01.2006 - Animation Player 1.0
New release: Animation Player

Demo features:

-16 grayscale animations
-interactive/noninteracive, image slideshow, animation, menu/pages
-looping specified number of times or forever
-video-like animations, PowerPoint-like interacive slideshows

For further information and instructions read the readme.txt
Have Fun !!!

23.12.2005 - Sprite Demo
+ since there was very little initiative in developing games/programs for openfire... Sprite Demo should illustrate the principle of use and abilities of the library to encurrage programmers.

+ the sprite demo is pure UserRPL, sprite in demo is quite large, neverthe less the speed is amazing (considering it's UserRPL)

NOTE: good SysRPL can be several times faster

Demo features:

-full screen 16 grayscale background
-large (80x67pixels) 16 grayscale sprite sliding randomly
-free shape (masking) and
-alpha-like transparency


24.12.2005 - New ROM, New Games, LOOKBACK
Ok, we all had a little vacation, then after that some time off HP projects
(while there were no real happenings regarding new ROM versions)
BUT we are back and comming strong :-)

+HP just recently released a new ROM version available here

Of course i flashed my calc as soon as i found out and here are the results:
-keyboard seems better, both in games as well as in 'normal use'
-OPENFIRE works without modiffications, you may need to re-install
(ROM update may remove it from memory)
-screen fades are working great in new ROM

FINALLY ... Lilian's 49G+ conversion RELEASES
-Antoine's DUNE
(considered one of, if not THE most, complex HPCALC game)

-Columns+ (by Lilian and IKI)
(my favorite puzzle game)

In the past year (about that long is OPENFIRE on-line)
I counted roughly 12 900 visits.
-more than 1000 visits a month
-average more than one visit per hour.

Thanks for your interest and support... and... keep checking,
-there are great things to come !!!

14.07.2005 - Sound section update
+finaly caught enough spare time to make more sound tests...
(read about results and plans for sound)

11.05.2005 - Site Update
+ added featured site (
Pierre XnView author announced to support grayscale subformats of GROB in his great image browser.
With 2 OPENFIRE formats (2bit and 4bit) older page-flipping style GROBs will be supported as well, especialy interesting might be Gdrem32 (5-frames 32 shades for 49G)

+ added Artwork section
VRML (3D) i moved the HP49G+ model there,
with link to ParallelGraphics -my favorite VRML plug-in.

10.05.2005 - Cosmetic update to version 2.5
+ splash screen removed although i liked it
(it was stealing 2 seconds of boot-up time, and people could get annoyed by it BobLogan
+ also OFPAR variable is now hidden
...thanks BobLogan for sugestions

09.05.2005 - Version 2.5 Released
Finaly ...HP released ROM 2.00
-many improvements, brings minor changes in graphics subsystem (and hopfuly not too many new bugs) so here it is:
OPENFIRE 2.5 update
-both ROM 1.23 and ROM 2.00 compliant

18.03.2005 - Minor update to version 2.4
-all behavior and functionality remained the same,
only OFVIEW is updated for a small but nice feature

-as sugested by PORRAS OFVIEW scrolls faster when you have blue shift pressed while scrolling your image

Greetings to Adictos comunity as well as
comp.sys and not to forget HPGCC team,

21.02.2005 - New week release and bugfix
-for this week Cyclo
(check out the GAMES section)

+ bug in ICE-CUBE fixed
(now it works with the latest "bugfix" version of OF 2.4)

+ plus GAME section redesign

14.02.2005 - st.Valentine gift
Lilian kept his promise !!!

-for first week dr.Barjo

Not to forget:
Today is Valentine's day, so "flower for your lover !" or a nice message of love...
Happy st.Valentine to all you happy people out there
-Lilian, Desree, my girlfriend and myself included

12.02.2005 - OPENFIRE 2.4 Bugfix
fixed bug in DONEGS

-donegs now resumes to normal text display
(it only refreshed display until now)

at reported this bug,
also contacted spanish-speaking comunity trough their site,
there seems to be a lot of people interested for OPENFIRE
Hello to all adictos !!!
especialy: Porras and Javier_E

09.02.2005 - OPENFIRE 2.4 RELEASED

-completed the testing faze
-delivering even more than promised
-Lilian's converted games released for OPENFIRE 2.4
(check out the GAMES section)

Added mode:

(mode similar to other "PF" modes dedicated for porting of legacy page-flipping games to new 49G+)
look for details in readme.txt and history.txt included in the package.

Re-wrote and spell-checked documentation in logical chapters -now even easier to follow and understand .

Image Converter Update
(check out the PC software section)
-added legacy frame (page-flipping) based GROB formats to support programs like Gdream32
-added header for 48 series (choose appropriate header in settings menu)
-Image Converter now restores it's position and header type as last used
(more details in readme.txt in Image Converter package)

Lilian announces one game every week, I'm planing to continue my work with SOUND CHECK (since a lot of people showed interest for it) so...
stay tuned and have fun...

17.01.2005 - Preliminary OPENFIRE 2.4
OPENFIRE 2.3 remained limited edition :-)   however

OpenFire v2.4 will bring two new modes:
REALPF (real page-flipping)
-this mode works in monochrom LCD mode, displaying
gray scale by flipping bit-planes
(just the way 48 ang 49G series did)
-most (if not all) features of Saturn LCD registers are supported
#100 (horizontal scroll)
#120 (display base address)
#125 (scan line length)
#128 (screen height)
#130 (menu base address)

HYBRIDPF (hybrid page-flipping)
-this mode works in 4 gray scales mode
-header is dispayed in hardware 4 GS mode, beneath is 64 lines page-flipped.

Patching games to these modes is even simpler, even more comfortable.
Using this 2 modes will allow you to display more than 16 shades,
greater compatibility with old games and simpler patching to OPENFIRE.

Read more details in Redame.txt of the openfire package as soon as i release it :-)

10.01.2005 - ANOUNCING OPENFIRE 2.3
Making final tests with version 2.3, new functionality
-menu support (Sat. registers #130 and #128)
-even faster page-converter
-even easier patching games to OPENFIRE

(easy to configure links to your games TMENU-like list)
accessible from anywhere -just type GAMES

-new PFTEST.RPL source demonstrates the use of INITPF and features even nicer than before.

Look at DUNE in-game screenshot in games section

18.12.2004 - OPENFIRE update to 2.2
While porting his Scroll_4C Lilian found a new bug in OF
actualy it's a strange behavior of Saturn's display hardware
of course to be truely compatible i modified page-converter code to emulate this strange behavior as well :-)

17.12.2004 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILIAN !!!
Lilian's games now available in Games section
-both very stable and working, but still beta versions, due to minor known bugs.

13.12.2004 - OPENFIRE updated to 2.1
ANNOUNCING Lilian Pigallio's games in GAMES section

OPENFIRE 2.1 now supports right margin

(also refered as scanline length -Saturn register #00125)
Details in readme.txt of the OPENFIRE package

Version 2.1 runs again from any port (0,1 or 2)

-for best results 0 and 2 are recommended

Minor update to Image converter V2

-enhanced comand line support, details in readme.txt of the image converter package.
My independent QONOS design considerations in HARDWARE section

02.12.2004 - SITE UPDATE
-since OPENFIRE and other projects found its way all around the world, and since i found that some people are having difficulties reading and understanding English i decided to add Google translator feature to the site.

-I am aware that machine translation is not very well, but it will help you understand what you need to do to get OPENFIRE up and running

OPENFIRE 2.0 now available

01.12.2004 - OPENFIRE updated to 2.0
Announcing the OPENFIRE 2.0
-expect new release as soon as tests are completed,
-will support some of the Saturn's hardware registers in page-converter for better comatibility with Lilian's games

25.11.2004 - NEWS
Hardware section updated,

-preparing the new OPENFIRE release,
-more functionality to INITPF will be added so even more advanced games could be converted to G+ trough OPENFIRE.

Lilian Pigallio is releasing ICE-CUBE beta for G+ and GII for preliminary tests, contact Lilian for other games and additional information.

17.11.2004 - SOUND
Added few demo-samples to sound section
added sounds are 13400 Hz 8 bit unsigned samples
to be used with SOUNDCHECK library
-expect more progress in sound section soon
GAMES section updated

14.11.2004 - OPENFIRE
OPENFIRE updated to 1.9
As sugested by Lilian Pigallio
-INITPF keeps the default display refresh rate
-page converter supports 80 AND 64 lines display (should work on GII)
-for bugs / limitations read readme.txt provided in OPENFIRE.ZIP file

New command:
SETSTA -used with INITPF or INIT4,
- customizes the top 16 lines (status bar)

13.11.2004 - OPENFIRE
update to source codes/demos in
As sugested by Lilian Pigallio
-updated DEMO4GS userRPL demo / source

12.11.2004 - OPENFIRE
Minor OPENFIRE update
As sugested by Lilian Pigallio
-added sysRPL refresh display call to DONEGS,
-optimized code a bit further so library is now few bytes smaller :-)
-added comments to PFTEST.RPL
  (INITPF sample source)
-added DEMO4GS.DIR hpdirectory with
  (INIT4 / SET4 sample source)
-improoved new DONEGS comaptibility and OFVIEW functionality
Redesign of COMMUNICATION section
Rechargeable battery in HARDWARE section

Considerations about HIGH SCORE server

-players could upload results from your games
-the encripted file would contain name of the player, name of the game and best result,
-server would accept file uploads, decript, analyse results and
maintain the HIGH SCORE lists ON-LINE

04.11.2004 - GAMES
PASSIANS compact released
-passians compact is 16 k instead of 38 k
-removed image on game over (when you win)
-playtime in minutes is returned instead
-compact version has different background

29.10.2004 - OPENFIRE
OPENFIRE update to 1.8
-added KSB (keyboard state buffer)
-Saturn ML programmers may have their own techniques developed for keyboard scaning, however KSB is a simple way for user/sysRPL developers to read the state of entire keyboard in a single command
KSB returns a 64 bit user binary (HXS) representing state of the keyboard
-play around with it to figure out how the bits are distributed.
OFVIEW is now decent viewer sysRPL with multiple
keys detection, smoth scrolling, ON key doesn't break it anymore.

Added 'Keyboard' section
-consideration about keyboard: quality, issues, reading scaning will be presented there

27.10.2004 - OPENFIRE
OPENFIRE 1.7 now released
-INITPF now initializes 4 gray shades graphics mode, and installs compatibility routines for sound and page-converter for page-flip support
-PFTEST.RPL included in package
-read README.TXT for details and OPENFIRE section of the site

-added basic argument checking for INITPF
-to prevent crashes due to accidental engaging of INITPF
-other commands do not crash calculator, they just engage grayscale mode
-execute DONEGS or POWER CYCLE your calc (turn off and back on) if you are stuck in the grayscale mode

OPENFIRE 1.7 is to be released soon
-it will introduce new command "INITPF" which will serve to port older
Page-flipping 4 GrayShade games to G+.
It will bring sound compatibility -as described in sound section.

-free shape sprites support recommendation in OpenFire section

OpenFire 2.6 has animation player built-in (OFPLAY)

Here is the userRPL sample how to call animation player.
-this will play two animations (available in the demo) in the sequence
INITGS -> ofs
3:{animate tapper.ani}
ofs #5 #8
3:{animate birdy.ani}
ofs #0 #0

Free(custom) shaped sprites
  Probably a lot of developers already come up with their way of displaying free-shaped sprites :-)
-for those who havent here's a sample solution:

By using two GROBs and two operations one GOR and one GXOR
you can display nice free-shaped sprites (images) AND do neat effects with it.

a) OR mask
-GROB (in most cases this will be a dark shape of the sprite/object)
-0 represents transparent (background)
-F (3 for 2 bit grob) represents opaque -the sprite will paint trough that area
-other values will enable you to make nice effects on sprites
similar to ANTI ALIAS along the borders or dynamic shading of sprite edges.

b) Negative shaped image (NSI)
-is normal image of your character/sprite (4 bit or 2 bit GROB),
-GXOR-ed with mask

1. take OR mask, GOR it in to the place
2. take NSI GXOR to same position -and you'r sprite is displayed and nicely shaped

4 Gray shades with sound compatibility routine
- by using INITPF you can initiate 4GS mode with sound compatibility, you can use it as normal openfire buffer
- in that case you don't need to call page converter
- you would like to call sound compatibility routine instead.
- version 1.9 address offset is #1A0h
- with version 2.0 address offset is #1E0h
- with version 2.1 address offset is #1D8h

- with version 2.2 address offset is #1E8h

address offset mentioned here is added to page-converter address,

Sound compatibility routine will be at 80100+1A0=802A0 (for version 1.9)

The sound routine is immediately following the code of page-converter
-that's why offset changes with versions of page-converter.

SOUND ENTRY-POINT will be fixed to #18d
menu page-converter is at #36d